About us

Welcome to Studio CLOS.
CLOS is a boutique studio that specializes in concrete product design.
Our inspiration comes from minimalist design styles, with clean lines of the modern world. With a unique aesthetic that combines harmony between lines, shapes, colors and textures, we aim at creating objects and designs that reveals the beauty of artisanal hand crafted production.
CLOS consider itself as a Concrete Laboratory, and its designers and producers as concrete chemists; Niv Emanuel Cohen, CLOS founder, opened the studio from a passion to the raw material of concrete, eager of learning the science of it, understanding its behavior and needs and through that manipulating it into high end design creations. We are learning from existing traditional production techniques and recreating our own fabrication methods which challenges cement above and beyond its limits.


Niv is an Israeli industrial designer, a graduate of the Industrial Design department in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.